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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In a 24/7 World, Can You Afford to be Offline?

In a 24/7 World, Can You Afford to be Offline?

Unchecked fire at a telecommunications facility

An unchecked fire can destroy people's lives and the life of your business. But even a small fire that is detected and extinguished before it can spread can have devastating effects in a world where you and your customers can't afford to be offline. 
Consider these fire risks: 

Time Lost

If uptime is critical to your productivity and your business continuity, you need a fire suppression system that acts fast to detect and suppress fire in seconds, before it can interrupt your business. 

Equipment Damaged

Do your facilities contain expensive or hard-to replace equipment and processes that are vital to your company? Then you need a clean agent system that suppresses all types of fire without leaving hard-to-clean residue that may be as destructive to your equipment as fire.

Irreplaceable Items Destroyed

If you are protecting valuable resources-people, software, proprietary processes, data, or one-of-a-kind objects-you need protection that won't  pose a threat to people or damage even the most sensitive materials. For these reasons and more, the right fire suppression system is critical to the continuity of your business. And the right system is the FM-200 System from Fenwal.
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