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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Badger Portable Fire Extinguishers

The Badger family of portable extinguishers are perfect for all your commercial, industrial and domestic needs. Kidde Fire Systems offers multiple types of extinguishers to ensure we carry the right model for your application:

AR-AFFF Foam Extinguisher

Contains an Alcohol-Resistant (AR) type of Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) that is specifically formulated for optimum use in a hand portable fire extinguisher. MORE

Extra ABC Multipurpose Dry Chemical Extinguisher

Designed to meet the occupancy requirements in most commercial, industrial and domestic environments. MORE

Standard ABC Multipurpose Dry Chemical Extinguisher

Designed to meet the occupancy requirements in most commercial, industrial and domestic environments. MORE

Extra BC Dry Chemical Extinguisher

For occupancies that do not require Class A ratings. MORE

Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

A supplement to ABC Dry Chemical, CO2 safeguard against fires involving electrical equipment and flammable liquids. MORE

Class D Dry Powder Extinguisher

Where concentrations of metal shavings or powder require supplemental fire protection solutions. MORE

Halotron-1 Extinguisher

Safe, clean and environmentally-friendly solutions for protection of sensitive electronic equipment. MORE

Non-Magnetic Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

Recommended for use in and around MRI rooms and suitable for use on energized electrical equipment. MORE

Non-Magnetic Dry Chemical Extinguisher

Recommended for use outside and around MRI rooms and suitable for use on most common fires. MORE

Purple K Dry Chemical Extinguisher

For use on high-hazard Class B and C fires where regular dry chemical may not be sufficient. MORE

Water Extinguisher

An ideal solution for occupancies where deep seated Class A combustibles are present. MORE

Wet Chemical Class K Extinguisher

For use on Class K hazards found in commercial kitchen environments. MORE

Wheeled Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

Clean agent that leaves no residue. MORE

Wheeled Dry Chemical Stored Pressure Extinguisher

Three sizes and three agent choices in an easy-to-maneuver, single operator unit. MORE

Wheeled Dry Chemical Regulated Extinguisher
Models 125 lb. and 150 lb.

Ideal for high-risk fire hazards that require consistent discharge flow rates. MORE

Wheeled Dry Chemical Pressure Transfer Extinguisher Models 300 lb.

Fast delivery of dry chemical directly to the hazard. MORE
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  2. Portable fire extinguishers are labeled so users can quickly identify the classes of fire on which the extinguisher will be effective.

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