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Monday, January 30, 2012


 Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection products detect and annunciate the presence of any conductive fluid.

These products provide reliable, scalable solutions to accommodate any leak detection need while mitigating the potential for costly business outages and downtime in facilities worldwide.

Patented Leak Detection Cable
+ Helps eliminate false alarms commonly associated with other leak detection cable
+ Plenum rated
+ Easy installation, lies flat after installation
+ Dries quickly
+ Compatible with any RLE SeaHawk controller

Water Leak Controllers
+ Versatile leak detection – Spot detectors, single zone, multi-zone, and distance read
+ Easy integration with existing alarm monitoring systems
+ IP addressable and web-accessible
+ BMS and NMS friendly – SNMP, BACnet, and Modbus output communications
+ Hardwire outputs – NO/NC Form C dry contacts, 4-20mA

The Challenge
+ Fluid leaks contribute to 27 percent of business downtime, damaging facilities, equipment, and other critical resources. A cooling system leak can take down an entire data center.

+ Without a customized leak-detection solution in place for your facility, you take a high-stakes risk. Between the cost of repairing or replacing damaged assets, lost productivity, and lost business opportunities, the total cost of a fluid leak can escalate quickly. One pharmaceutical company lost a $250,000 blood analysis machine overnight, due to an undetected overhead plumbing leak.

+ Combination of Leak Detection and Simple Alarm Summary—for control areas, such as in a guard station, 911 call center, or network operations center. Easy-to-interpret audible and visual annunciation for leaks or other alarms.

Integration with RLE infrastructure monitoring systems
All  Water Leak Detection products seamlessly integrate with the RLE systems for comprehensive alarm monitoring and notification for temperature, power, equipment availability, security, gases, and many other factors.

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