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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kidde-Fenwal Products & Systems

Kidde Fire Systems strives to market a range of products to suit every challenge; Commercial, Industrial and Institutional. Each market segment requires study and careful consideration of unique demands for product performance.

Kidde offers a complete line of detection products from conventional to HSSD.
  • Conventional/Intelligent Detection

    Available in ionization (smoke), photoelectric (smoke) and thermal (smoke) models, the SmartOne microprocessor-based, analog type detector is electrically addressable and fully field programmable. MORE
  • High-Sensitivity Smoke Detection

    Laser-based high-sensitivity smoke detection system designed to detect fire in the incipient stage. Recommended for critical facilities such as data centers. MORE
  • Special Hazard and Overheat Detection

    AlarmLine is an addressable linear heat detector that provides early detection of fire and overheat conditions. MORE
Kidde provides a complete range of cost effective electronic horns (multitone), bells and strobes, each offering superior quality, versatile performance and low current draw for optimum emergency evacuation. MORE
The "brain" for your fire protection system, control systems receive input from detection devices, shut down equipment and activate your suppression equipment, if necessary. MORE
Kidde''s suppression portfolio includes clean agents, wet chemical, dry chemical and CO2.


  • Clean Agent Systems

    Critical facilities require fire protection systems which can detect and suppress fires quickly without harming equipment, the facility, or the environment.  MORE
  • Kidde Vehicle Systems

    The NEW Kidde Sentinel System and the legacy KVS System used to protect large industrial vehicles. MORE
  • Wet Chemical System

    Kidde WHDR System provides 24-Hour automatic or manual protection for commercial cooking areas; ducts, plenums, hoods and cooking surfaces. 
  • Dry Chemical System

    Kidde IND System used for a variety of industrial processess. MORE
  • Kidde Marine Systems

    Kidde offers a variety of systems designed specifically for the marine market under the brand name, Kidde Marine. The Kidde Marine portfolio includes systems such as Kidde ECS System using FM-200, the Kidde WHDR Galley System and the new Kidde SBS System, a revolutionary system designed specifically for small vessels. MORE
  • Mil-Spec Systems

    Kidde military specification HFP (FM-200), Halon 1301 and Carbon Dioxide systems are tested and built to meet all applicable naval requirements including shock and vibration. MORE
  • Halon 1301 Systems

    Kidde Halon 1301 is no longer manufactured due to the Montreal Protocol 1986. We understand that Kidde Halon 1301 Systems still exist and are operational in the field, and we offer several replacement options for existing systems. MORE
The Badger family of portable extinguishers are perfect for all your commercial, industrial and domestic needs. Kidde Fire Systems offers multiple types of extinguishers to ensure we carry the right model for your application. MORE

If you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact us any time through this web site or through this E-mail: | Web:

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