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Friday, January 13, 2012

Fenwal Provides Total Fire Protection for Your Mission Critical Facilities

Fenwal Provides Total Fire Protection for Your Mission Critical Facilities

In today's global 24/7 environment, how long can your company afford to be off-line?  In mission critical applications, end-to-end reliability is no longer an option, it is arequirement.  Your business cannot afford a fire.  Not even a "minor" one.
What Would a Business Interruption Cost Your Company?
A fire doesn't have to be large to be devastating to your business.  The costs of even a "minor" fire add up quickly.  Downtime.  Lost work.  Lost revenue.  Damaged hardware.  Lost data.  Higher insurance premiums.  Potential lawsuits and damages.  Bad publicity.  Perhaps worst of all, in the hours (or days) it may take you to clean up and resume operations, your customers can lose their confidence in your company's ability to perform—taking their business and your future revenue—elsewhere. 

How Fenwal Can Help
Using the latest technology in very early warning smoke detection in conjunction with clean agent fire suppression, Fenwal provides the right fire protection system to help protect your business's mission critical applications.  Fenwal systems will detect smoke in the very earliest stages of a fire, and suppress a fire in seconds.  And because Fenwal only uses people-safe and environmentally responsible clean agents, there is no mess from water or chemical powders to clean up afterwards.
For More Information

Select one of the links below for more information on Mission Critical Facilities protected by Fenwal:

Control rooms house supervisory personnel and computers and other electronic equipment to manage industrial processes.  Virtually every modern industrial facility has one or more control rooms, often controlling every step of the manufacturing process.MORE

Data processing centers use electronic equipment to manipulate large amounts of data, often fed into the system from paper (payments, orders) and printed onto paper (invoices, statements).

Sophisticated and expensive equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, are often intensively used to provide diagnostic services that are critical to a hospital’s mission.  But MRI machines pose a unique fire protection challenge for a hospital...

Museums, rare-book libraries, historical buildings—these are the institutions that have the critical mission of safeguarding our heritage, preserving it for future generations.  Throughout the ages, fire has been the biggest enemy of historical artifacts and buildings...

The essence of e-commerce is the ability to offer customers round-the-clock, uninterrupted access to the internet.  A fire in any critical facility that makes up the internet—from hosting sites and internet hotels, to routing and switching facilities, to fiber optic and satellite transmission stations—can knock out an internet service provider's vital link to their customers.

Many businesses, organizations, and government agencies rely on data to function properly—financial information, customer data, legal files—yet the safe storage of data records is an often an overlooked process.  

Server rooms typically contain LAN servers, other electronic equipment such as routers and a PBX, and storage for data media.  With computers on every desktop, it is easy to forget that in the modern business world, the server room is the key to the operation of a company.

The mission of a telecommunications company—whether it is a traditional regional operating company, a long-distance provider, a wireless service, or a broadband company offering bundled TV, internet and phone—is to provide customers with round-the-clock, uninterrupted service.
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