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Friday, October 14, 2011

ARIES™ Intelligent Control Unit

ARIES™ Intelligent Control Unit

The ARIES™ Intelligent Control Unit is a compact, full-featured intelligent control unit that manages fire response events from detection and alarm to suppression system release. Perfect for small to medium sized applications, the ARIES provides pre-planned, sequential system response or immediate system actuation depending on the requirements of the application. The ARIES seamlessly expands up to a 32 node peer-to -peer network for large system installations.

The ARIES unit interfaces with the Kidde SmartOne family of automatic initiating devices and monitor/control modules as well as all types of fire suppression systems.

Technical Specifications:
Up to 255 points without device-type restrictions
Distributed intelligence to sensor level
Peer-to-Peer networking of up to 32 control units
Internet Accessible via any standard web browser

• Duplicate address detection for faster system start-up
• Automatic device testing for increased system reliability
• Versatile releasing circuits allows waterless and pre-action on same circuit
• Triple Redundancy Safeguard protection against inadvertent activation


• UL Listed
• FM Approved
• NYC MEA Approved
• CSFM Listed

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