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Thursday, September 29, 2011

System - Commercial/Industrial Vehicle Systems

The Kidde Sentinel System builds upon our long history of providing reliable and highly effective fire protection.  Suitable for use in a wide range of applications and industries the Kidde Sentinel System has been designed and tested to endure the most rugged environments.  The Kidde Sentinel System provides a fully integrated fire protection solution to meet the most challenging fire hazards such as forestry applications, steel mill operations and mining operations.

System Highlights:

NEW AquaGreen XT™ wet chemical agent, the first Factory Mutual approved aqueous agent for primary fire protection. 
Operating temperature range of -40°F (-40°C) to 200°F (93°C)!IP-66 and NEMA 4 Sentinel control packages, from cables to control panel enclosures.

Pre-terminated ‘plug-and-play’cabling, reduces installation time, increases reliability and helps prevent installation errors.

Flexible hose layout and nozzle coverage options provide flexible and unobtrusive installations.

Unique control configurations allow field programming of options including discharge and relay delays, and system power options that include self contained battery operation.

Available cylinder pressure supervision that provides real time response to a low pressure agent cylinder condition.

Additional Features:
• Dependable stored pressure extinguishing units prevent contamination of the agent and ensure system readiness.
• IR detection which combines rapid response with industry leading false alarm immunity.
• Field programmable control panels with optional laptop interface providing access to the available 4,000 event system log.
• Unbeatable flexibility for dual discharge systems with variable delay between discharges and relay contact operation.
• Networkable control system for up to twelve zones with fully functional ‘repeater’ interface.
• Service timer feature allows rangeof operating hours to be selected before ‘service due’ light is activated.
• Safe protractor actuator used throughout -- no explosive squib or gas discharge actuators used.
• Operator dimmable display to deal with full range of ambient light conditions.

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