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Sunday, August 10, 2014

AlarmLine™ Linear Heat Detector Series LHD4

AlarmLine™ Linear Heat Detector Series LHD4
AlarmLine™ Linear Heat Detector Series LHD4AlarmLine™ Linear Heat Detector Series LHD4AlarmLine™ Linear Heat Detector Series LHD4
Brand: Kidde Fenwal
Product Code: 197691109
SKU No: 73-117068-047
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Kidde Conventional AlarmLine 4-Wire Interface Module w/ Relay & 7.0" H x 5.1" W x 3.0" D (178 x 130 x 75) Enclosure. P/N: 73-117068-047 (K82013) 
The AlarmLine™ Linear Heat Detector provides early detection of fire or overheating conditions by detectingchanges in temperature in localized areas or over its entire length. It is especially suited for onfined areas or harsh environments where adverse ambient conditions cause other detection devices to be unreliable or difficult to use. The system consists of two major components: a small diameter sensor cable and an interface module. The sensor cable is constructed with a negative temperature coefficient material, where a change in temperature results in an exponential decrease in resistance of the sensor. The interface module interprets this resistance change and provides an output to a control panel once the field programmable alarm set point is exceeded.
The AlarmLine interface module P/N 73-117068-047 is a 4-wire device suitable for use with any FM approved fire alarm panel. The device is powered by an external 24 VDC source and is connected to a fire alarm control panel via alarm and trouble relay contacts which connect to the control panel’s detection input circuit. The interface module monitors the resistance of the sensor cable, and generates an alarm whenever the resistance drops below the preset threshold. The module also supervises the sensor cable for opens and shorts to generate a fault condition. These conditions are displayed on the module faceplate by the two LED indicators: FIRE - red LED and FAULT - yellow LED.
The AlarmLine module P/N 73-117068-047 is shipped complete with an IP 54 rated gray polycarbonate enclosure P/N 73-117068-044 of dimensions 7.0" H x 5.1" W x 3.0" D (178 mm x 130 mm x 75 mm). Including the front cover that allows access to the Test / Fire / Fault switch, the depth increases to 3.9" (99 mm).The module design uses a 12-position jumper block (3 pins X 6 pins). Earlier designs of the module used a 12-position rotary switch (numbered 0 to 11).
AlarmLine’s analog heat sensing characteristics offer several distinct advantages:
• Field adjustable: Alarm setpoint may be programmed to meet specific system requirements.
• Restorable: Cable does not need to be replaced after an alarm event up to 257°F (125°C).
• Integrating: It is not necessary to reduce sensor spacing with increased ceiling height per NFPA 72, Section 5- Exception (1). System sensitivity remains constant as ceiling height increases without reducing the spacing.
• Short circuit: The system will produce a trouble condition instead of a false alarm in the event of a conductor to conductor short due to damage or electrical faults.
The AlarmLine sensor cable consists of four 26 AWG copper conductors, each color-coded in an insulated sheath containing a negative temperature coefficient polymer. Two of the conductors are enameled, and provide loop continuity supervision, but not temperature sensing. The conductors are twisted at 30 turns per foot (90 per meter) and protected by a flame-retardant outer extrusion (see Figure 1). The color-coding of the four inner conductors is repetitively marked on the outer coating every 3 feet as an aid in installation. 
Note: The maximum length of sensor cable per zone depends on the maximum ambient temperature defined on the nomogram. Regardless of ambient, however, the maximum length of cable is 3200 ft. (1000m) per zone. Sensor cable is available with the following part numbers:
• Standard Sensor Cable, P/N 73-117068-013 and -113: Recommended for environments ranging from clean and dry to moderate dust and moisture.
• Nylon Coated Sensor, P/N 73-117068-016 and -116: Recommended for use in wet, oily or corrosive environments or outdoors. Use in freezer warehouses.
• Phosphor Bronze Braided Sensor, P/N 73-117068-019 and -119: Recommended for applications requiring superior abrasion protection or increased tensile strength.
• Open area protection
• Cable trays
• Rack storage
• Freezer warehouses
• Belt conveyers
• Floating roof fuel tanks
• Cooling towers
• Dust collectors
• Waste fuel drum storage
• Power distribution apparatus
• Escalators
• Flexible:
– Mechanical–Allows installation at point of risk.
– Electrical–Compatible with all central control panels.
– Alarm Levels–Adjustable for different temperatures.
• Durable:
– Extrusion and Braiding options to satisfy environmental conditions and project risks.