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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kidde® Sentinel™ Fire Protection for Commercial and Industrial Vehicles

The Kidde Sentinel system is an integrated fire protection solution that includes state-of-the-art detection and control. With a choice of two suppression options, the Sentinel System is flexible, easy to maintain and is specifically designed for commercial and industrial vehicles. Systems are custom designed to suit specific vehicle requirements and the hazards they face.
Kidde Sentinel suppression options include a dry chemical agent and AquaGreen™ XT aqueous agent. Kidde Sentinel Dry Chemical System (DCS) employs multiple means of actuation, providing flexibility for how the system is controlled and activated. The DCS system utilizes ABC dry chemical agent that is a well-established fire suppression technology used throughout the world.
AquaGreen XT provides superior fire protection performance and is ideally suited to the mixture of Class B fuel and Class A debris that can accumulate on machines. This wet agent has a wide operating temperature range, low toxicity and is environmentally non-reportable. In addition, AquaGreen is the first ever Factory Mutual approved primary fire fighting agent specifically designed for vehicle protection.

The base Sentinel system is the Standard SA1 which is ideal for the protection of small to medium sized vehicle/machine assets including feller bunchers, shredders, dozers, tractors and loaders. With a single discharge of either AquaGreen XT wet agent or dry agent, SA1 provides the perfect blend of performance and value for the right level of protection. The SA1 has a fully integrated control unit in a robust aluminum enclosure and a pre-configured wiring system for fast and effective installation.
The next level of protection is Sentinel Advantage NET, which is built around the NET control system. The Sentinel NET is a fully featured system consisting of a user interface with an adjustable display. The Sentinel NET is designed to handle sequential discharges based on the type of hazard. State-of-the-art suppression technologies along with Kidde IR-1 infrared detection, and traditional heat detection devices provide a comprehensive package to meet demanding fire protection needs. The NET system can be programmed from a laptop keypad or USB and employs multiple discharge options: dry/wet, dual dry and dual wet.

The Sentinel NET system can also be expanded to include six control units with up to two interface units to handle the most demanding applications. The Sentinel Ultimate NET is the largest capacity integrated and ruggedized system on the market. It provides fire protection for the largest shovels, excavators, draglines or fixed assets using a single integrated network with multiple detection and suppression zones. For electrical hazards in enclosed spaces the Kidde FE-13™ clean agent system can be combined on the network with AquaGreen XT wet agent for vulnerable mechanical systems.  The Ultimate NET uses multiple suppression agents for extreme environments including clean agent (gas), wet chemical and dry chemical. With a common network and pre-wired/terminated cabling the system provides fast and efficient installation. 

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